HD repairing


I have a HD on enclosure that is HFS+ formatted (not journaled) and when pluging it (via firewire) i get the msg: "You have inserted a disk containing no volums that MacOSx can read. To continue with the disk inserted click Ignore"
well Ignoring it leads me nowhere. the disk icon isnt shown on desktop as it did before. So i click initialize and i enter the DiskUtility thats in MacOSX and the disk cannot be repaired not verified.
What are my options in saving anything i can from it?
Maybe some other applications that are more specialized in this task?


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Unfortunatelly i cannot try the trial (Data Rescue) yet since i havent upgraded to Tiger. And there is no trial on site for Panther!!!
Can anyone help me?
Try Data Rescue - the version number is 10.4.3, but will work with OS X 10.1.5 or later, read the info before downloading the demo.
zoranb said:
i did try but it wont open when i double click on the red cross icon from my MACOSX

So you downloaded the demo for Data rescue, and something won't open. Can you be more specific about what won't open? Your external drive? the Data Rescue program? Does it try to open then immediately quit? Do you get any error messages as a result?
The app (Data Rescue) dont open, i get no error msg, i just double click and wait for it to open but it wont. As if it has no responce to my double clicking! thats all
i moved it to another place in the HD and i opened...figure that out!!!!!!

still i must say im not very pleased with the job done by DSecure. Left many many files out
oh...well i thought there would be more tools/utilities for the mac platform.
at least for fat32/ntfs drives there are tonns of apps, are there so little for hfs? im suprised!
How many utilities do you need to tell you that you have a failed hard drive?
The Mac OS X does not have a great need for recovery tools, compared to Windows, similar to the same reasons the OS X does not need to be reinstalled as often as Windows does.
The built-in Disk Utility, which is a GUI for diskutil in Unix, does a fair job, and has a lot more capabilities if you have Tiger 10.4.2
There's approx 5 or 6 utilities, that will each do a fair job, but won't recondition a bad hard drive.
The best is the one you have tried, Data Rescue. If you purchased it, then you have had the best chance at recovery. If the tools/utilites available can't help, then a data recovery service is the next step.

And now, you are in a position where the tools don't help.
Only problem with DataResque is that it cannot recover avi (dv) files. And i have about 150GB of them to rescue!