Help ( error code -36 )


Hi, I'm stuck trying to copy my win7 virtual machine (Parallels 9) .pvm to an external disk!!
Always I get error code -36 and don't finish the copy.
I've try search on google but haven't found solution...

My intentions is copy the vm to use in a new macbook.

My vm is imported from a bootcamp partition and is working perfectly.
The bootcamp partition also is working perfectly.

Someone can help me?

The error -36 is a generic error, and is also called an "I/O error (bummers)"
It can mean that your hard drive (either the source or the destination) has device errors/bad blocks, etc, or that the file (your vm file) is somehow corrupted. There's other possible problems, usually with hardware, even the connecting cable.

Have you tried copying the vm file to a different external drive, or even to a USB flash drive.