Help Mac Does Not Recognise My Cd


hii. need help urgent.
i put cd in my mac but then it does not read it ( i know because it doesn't spin like it usually does)
but my mac doesn't spit out the cd or even eject it

+++ when i press COMMAND + E .. it does this clicking sound inside.

would appreciate response!!


Rosie Moderator
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Open Disk Utility and see if the CD shows up in the side bar at the left. If it does, click on the name (in the side bar), then click on the eject button at the top of the Disk Utility screen.
If it doesn’t show, do a restart of the computer and hold down the mouse button. Continue to hold down the mouse through the start up process and the disk should eject.

Older machines had a small hole near the CD/DVD slot. Using a straightened paperclip, push it into the hole and that ejects the CD.


hi thank you for your response. but nothing worked. my laptop thinks that there is no cd that's why i think it won't eject..


Try restarting your MBPro. That should reset the CD drive.
And, try a restart while holding the trackpad button. That will try to eject the disk, if one is detected.
If neither tip works, take another disk, and gently push in on the edge of the disk that is already in the drive. It may move the disk enough to trigger the drive.

If that still won't detect your disk, then you will need to open the MBPro, remove the optical drive, open the top panel of the drive itself, where you can lift the disk out, then reassemble.
Hopefully, you won't need to do that minor surgery. :D


under system preferences, click cds & dvds. make sure you have appropriate action selected for when you enter the disc.