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okay here is my problem: I wrote an App and it was pretty much near completion. Before i finished it, i reinstalled my Developer Tools, and now when i go back to that App, it won't work. It runs fine but when i try and do somthing in the app it quits and says " has exited due to signal 4 (SIGILL)." It compiles with no warnings or errors! It just runs and then quits and didnt work like it use to. Can anybody help me with this? feedback is welcome and appreciated

-whitesaint :(



What ddeveloper tools are you using? I have heard that the tools with 10.1 don't work all that well. Try reinstalling the tools from your 10.0.? CD. Hopefully that helps!

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hi im using Mac OS X version 10.04 and im using the Developer Tools that came from Apple's website. And yeah im quite aware that the Developer Tools that come with 10.1 dont work, it has a different UI so why would they. Not only that but the Developer Tools for 10.1 have mmany many bug fixes and additional applications...