Help Needed With Winebottler!


Hello dear members of this forum :)

I hope that anyone of you may help me. I have a macbook pro with mavericks and need to install the software 'Expression Suite' from Life Technologies for my studies to analyze my research. The problem is that this is a Java based windows software. So I installed Winebottler combo with Wine and tried to install it but it always said 'Could not create Java virtual machine'. Then I tried to install Java for windows in Winebottler but i think i did it wrong :(
Can anyone please explain me which version of Java windows is the right one and how i can install it correctly with Winebottler??? Im not that good with computer stuff :((( and has anyone experience with java based windows software running with winebottler?

Thanks a lot!!

Yours Krasaviza
Hey thanks for your suggestions Satcomer but i have to say that i don't have 69 $ just left to spend on windows, which i only will use for this :(

so if anybody else maybe know how i can install it with WINE please tell me :)