Help: Permanent Finder freezing due to hard shutdown.


Hello everyone,

seems I messed up the Finder for good. Trying to copy 135.000 files from one folder to another, I realized that I had sent to Desktop. Pressing abort, force closing, waiting for ages - nothing worked, forcing me to shut it down at some point by power button.

It still boots and other apps will run, but the finder will freeze a few seconds after the Desktop has loaded. I've tried the following without success:

- multiple forced closes
- Boot to Safemode / Finder will freeze here too.
- Deleted Finder settings .plist by terminal (No longer opens former windows)
- Boot to Safemode & Hold Shift after Login / Finder still freezes
- Booted from DVD, Repaired Permissions, Repaired Volume - later showed no errors.
- Booted from DVD, repair install. Apps still installed :) - Finder still freezing. :(((

I'm out of ideas, and would really, really hate to wipe the hd as it's a triple boot on a 13" Macbook that was running just fine.

Any help is much appreciated!

Macbook 13" 2x2,13
OSX 10.6
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It's likely that you've created TOO many files on the Desktop, causing the Finder to slow to a crawl when trying to process/display all those icons.

Try booting into single-user mode (hold command-s at startup), then use the Terminal to delete the files from your Desktop folder (in your user's home folder).

After that, reboot and see if the Finder is more responsive.