Help please... Powerbook upon startup..


Good Afternoon,

I went on a offshore tuna and marlin fishing trip last week, when i came back home, i found a small childrens magnet ontop of my powerbook. I feared this was due to my siblings fooling around.

Anyways, i have a 857mhz Powerbook G4 12 inch.

When i start it up the screen will only stay grey.

I am freaking out, what can i do? please help.

I would HATE to loose all my data, i have over 3k pix's, and 5 years worth of high school and college schoolwork.

Thank you very much.

Yikes -- if the magnet was located anywhere near the hard drive, you may be out of luck.

First thing first: if you've got another Mac, try booting your Powerbook in FireWire Target Disk mode and see if you can pull the data off that way.

If not, then booting from the OS X install CD/DVD and running a "Repair Disk" from Disk Utility may find some errors and fix them.

Unfortuantely, if the magnet affected the hard drive, there's not much you can do short of opening up the drive and placing the 1s and 0s back where they belong one by one... a feat just short of God-like.
back-up, back-up, back-up. I had a drive fail on me a while back, lost a bunch of college work too. Oh, and don't count on an iPod as a backup device. That thing died too (at least I didn't lose anything that time).
Hey bobw.

cdub1988 waves from TS..... :D

Take care, and sorry to hear about your drive, Dshore...that doesn't sound good.