Help! Printer problems!



I received a free Lexmark Z23 printer with my Quicksilver 733Mhz G4. However, when I bought the black ink and the Belkin 6' USB cable it will not print.

It is setting up the print cartridge installation and then tells me it needs to print a sample alignment page. I tell it to continue and it comes up with an error saying:

An Error Occured During Printing:
The alignment page couldn't be printed.

I have contacted Lexmark about it and they had me download a 16MB file (I have only a 2400baud connection so it took all night). This morning I resinstalled and tried again. Same thing.

Can anyone help:confused:

Are you sure the print cartridge is all the way in there? You have to really force those Lexmark ink cartridges until they 'click' into place.

Thanks for your reply. I don't know what the problem was. I booted into OS 9.21 and set up the installation there. It printed the alignment page and when I booted into OS 10.04 it works!

Thanks so much for you help!