Help Re-installing iLife...


Some of the files associated with my copy of iLife '04 were corrupted, so i decided to attempt to reinstall the entire suite. Every time i open the installer, i recieve this message:

"The installation cannot procede because one of the following applications is running: <List of iLife applications> Please quit these applications before installation"

I shut these down and still got the message; the same happened fresh off of a restart.

Is there any way to boot off of this installer CD, or maybe bypass this error using Darwin? Any help is greatly appreciated.



If you go to your System Preferences/Accounts pane, and click on Startup Items (or Login Items) you will find iTunes Helper. Delete that from the list, and log out, and log back in, or simply restart, and you will be able to run the installer now.


Hmm, for some reason that didn't work...i think there might be something more seriously wrong with my operating system in general. I'm running 10.2.6, but random things keep happening, like :

~My AIM contact list and saved away messages were deleted
~Entourage wouldn't let me open my new recieved messages for a day, and my font for the program was reset.
~Camino (browser by Mozilla) and Explorer refused to open for a few days
~iTunes, camino, and other programs with "First Time" prompts displayed these after the various things listed above occured.

I have no idea what is causing all of these things, or even if all of the causes are interrelated. is appreciated!


The Late: SuperMacMod
Open Activity Monitor in your Utility folder. Look for iTunes helper and quit from there. Then you should be able to install.

Download and run the 10.2.8 Combo Updater from here;

Trash any AIM preference (plist) files in the user>library>preferences

Run Repair Permissions from Disk Utility in your Utility folder.

Run Disk Repair using Disk Utility while booted off the OS disc.