Help With Disk Utility/Desktop/Background


Catalina came out and i use disk utility alot. my computer gets slow all the time i have a slideshow i use and need disk utility, it gets it back to normal. it didnt do this before catalina, but whilw running First Aid it now takes the desktop away like this

can you use terminal to bring the background back while First Aid runs. or would there be any other way to do that
I can’t answer your question, but I have one for you. Does First Aid ever mention anything weird about your disk?
I think if you need to run Disk Utility to scan the volume while you are booted to that volume, that Disk Utility needs most of the resources of the system to do that scan. So, it appears to shut the finder down, or is just pausing the system. I don't think there's anything you can do that would allow you to use other parts of the system while that Disk Utility scan is working.
But, I suggest that if you have to run that scan to get your slideshow to run better, and the results are only short-lived -- then you should try other methods of helping your problem.
This would be a good time to have a bootable installer for Catalina, maybe on a 16GB USB flash drive, or even better, a partition on an external SSD. Boot to that, reinstall Catalina. I'm not sure that will fix your problem, but it's a good place to begin.

What software are you using for your slideshow?
im not really sure what you were suggesting, it is almost a daily thing, and First Aid does only run not even a minute now in catalina. it used to take 5 to 7 minutes before two weeks ago

i have an external hard drive and im probably not gonna go out and buy a flash drive. im not familiar with partitioning an external but are you saying install catalina there

GraphicConverter 10 i use
"Repairing" your drive daily?
If you are OK with doing that, then continue on. But, why would you think that you would ever need to do that, particularly that often?

And, No, I am not suggesting that you install Catalina on some other drive. I am suggesting that reinstalling Catalina on your normal boot drive COULD take care of whatever problem that you might be experiencing, so you might not need that "repair" for some problem on your system that should not be happening.
And, one method that might be the most convenient for most users: Download the Catalina installer app. Create a bootable installer from that on a flash drive. Catalina needs to be on larger than 8GB, and 16GB is a great size for that.
DiskMakerX has a great utility for creating bootable installers.

What app are you using to run your slideshow? Maybe that is contributing to the problem, too (?)

One last question (I promise!) - If your 1TB drive is a hard drive (not an SSD), then the BEST move forward is to fix THAT by replacing the hard drive with an SSD. That will likely be the best step for you. (modern macOS systems are not optimized to effectively use hard drives. That multi-volume APFS structure that Catalina places on a drive makes that situation worse. (Just something for you to consider, but it WOULD fix your live repair issue - you would not need to do it... )
yea thats helpful
The question is asked to better help you. The more we know about the problem you have, the better we can diagnose the problem and give a solution. Delta asked why you are using Disk First Aid so often. That is not a normal operation to do on a daily basis.

So what does Disk Utility report on your drive? What is it constantly repairing? Or rather what is is trying to repair?
I forgot the link for DiskmakerX, if you need it...

I have used DiskMakerX for several revs, but be extra careful with the latest. It’s still BETA and the ‘readme’ that comes with it warns of likely problems due to Apple’s new security model.

I think I will upgrade, perhaps even today, and will save the installation file for use when they work out the kinks in DiskMakerX.