help with usb HD from mac to pc


i need help with my western digital 80gb external usb 2.0 HD. i have this drive and i formatted it on my mac. i formatted it on my mac on mac os 9.2.1(my brother saw a little popup that it cant recognize it since it was formatted on mac os x and blah blah blah but he clicked on initialize and he was a fucking tard and i want there :D )well anyways i want to know how to beable to read my harddrive on this pc running winblows xp and i dont want to format the drive if it is possible to do that. if it isnt possible to not format it then is it possible to format it in a certain format where it will work on both mac and pc by just plugging it in the usb drive and blah blah blah ;) thank you has a program called MacDrive that allows a PC to read a MAC formatted drive. I would only use this as a temp measure, though. If you have an ongoing need to use it on both the Mac and a PC, format it with the Fat32 file system on a PC. Both will be able to read and write to it.
Yes. At least under Windows. You cannot have a file that is more than 2GB in size on a FAT32-formatted volume under Windows.

I would assume the same goes for Mac, but I'm not sure.