help with usin built-in ethernet


Ok right now im using a linksys router and a mini airport thingy, how would i be able to jus plug my ethernet cable into my port on my comoputer. when i tried b4 the internet would not connect.

usin imac g5
u jus take the plug and put in in the imac and thn u tak the other end an put in in the linksys. good luk m8
You question is extremely vague. You're getting vague answers in return. Plus itz tuf ot reed stuf tahts speld like ths.

Please be more specific about your setup -- what model of router? What kind of modem? Does "mini airport thingy" mean AirPort Express? We understand that one end of the ethernet cable you've got plugged into your computer -- where is the other end connected specifically? If your modem on a WAN or a LAN port?

Help us help you -- describe your setup! :D