So i was playing in Root mode changing privileges so that i could use any user to do anything. And well now i get this when i log in:

You are running Classic without Super User (root) privileges. To insure that TruBlueEnvironment is setuid and owned by root or reinstall OSX software.

What does that mean? What did i do? How do i fix it? What is setuid? I now cant use classic!!

Help me please!!

Sorry to say it, but that was a bad idea. There is almost no reason (or need) to access the root account. Not to mention the fact that you open up your OS to a security risk by activating the root account (which can be remotely controlled by anyone with knowhow!!). You can use sudo commands and applications like SuperGetInfo and XRay to do practically everything you'd need to do -- including changing everyone's permissions, etc.

Don't know what you did, but you likely changed some of the owner info such as "system" and "admin" instead of your user name. The OS needs to be able to control the OS itself, and you may have inadvertinently taken control away from it.

What EXACTLY did you do? The more info you give, the more ideas people will have to help (perhaps) solve your problem.
i changed the privileges to read/write for all the choices on all my drives then hit the 'copy to all enclosed folders' button on each drive.
Ooh... BAD idea. Some file priveledges don't need to be read/write. Especially anything involved with classic, since people don't need to muck around with that -- you start it, you stop it. Don't need to do more than that with Classic stuff!

I'd recommend re-installing OS X clean, and only doing things to the files that you REALLY need to do.
To try and help out with what that error message means... here's my take on it.

It sounds like the normal runs as root, regardless of who launches it. I'd never thought about it before, but this makes sense to me (since it needs to be able to affect any file it wants to). When you copied privilges down the tree, you probably took away that permission. (What utility did you use? the info box?)

Usually, it looks like there are only three permissions, read/write/execute. There are actually more things you can specify. For an executable, you can set the setuid bit - which allows for the program to run as the person who owns the file rather than the one who ran it. This allows for things to run as root.

Just for curiosity, try typing this command and look at the results (I've pasted everything from my command line below). (NOTE: everything from the 'ls -la' to the '/MacOS/' is all on one line, it may wrap in this post.)

[localhost:~] ebaur% ls -la /System/Library/CoreServices/Classic\
total 240
drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 58 Oct 19 20:24 .
drwxr-xr-x 7 root wheel 194 Oct 7 15:39 ..
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 119720 Oct 19 20:23 Classic Startup
[localhost:~] ebaur%

If that mess off to the left doesn't look exactly like mine, I would guess that's where the problem lies. If that IS the case, I can post back and let you know how to fix that little bit.
On that same note, though... if you can, it might be better to just re-install, since there are sure to be a lot of little things like this that are different from what they *should* be in the system. Some of those issues may take a long time to see and may not be as easy to troubleshoot or fix.
Thanks for the help. But it was on my work machine so i just took the easy way out and re-inistalled the system software. The good news is it fixed the problem and didnt delete any of my files!! Bad news it i had to take the time to re-install it then download the security updates and new itoons.

But its all fixed now and i'm done playing in root unless i know exactly what i'm doing. No more mass copying privlidges. Ohh and yes i did do that thru the get info window.

Thanks for all your help and ideas.