Here is my frikkin problem!


Those boneheads havn't even shipped it and I ordered it early Wed. and the status of my copy on apples site is "Being Assembled". What a bunch of jerks, I paid a total of $40.85, the least the clowns could do is ship it so me in a timely manner!



I agree. I ordered the beta from the Apple Store two hours after it was announced in Paris. My order status still says "Being Assembled". I know people who ordered the beta up to 18 hours after I did and their orders have already shipped.

This has always been a problem with the Apple Store. No consistency on when orders are shippped.

Still looking forward to receiving it though!


Now, now Jonathan - don't be mean! ;)

Looking forward to receiving my copy on Monday (if the UK hasn't reverted back to the Stone Age with the current fuel crisis; mutter, grumble...)


You have problems, Apple New Zealand are so bloody stupid! No direct sales like the US, waiting bloody ages for them to make a decision on whether they should distribute MacOS X Public Beta in NZ.


Don't pay much attention to the "Being Assembled" status. I've heard that people have even received it, and the status still says "Being Assembled". I think sometimes they forget to update it.


I ordered last Wednesday...nearly a week on and today I was assured it would be with me....another 3 hours and if I don't have it I will go mad.

BTW...I don't mind paying for the beta...because I want to see the problems before I have to make a serious decision about using it full time, and I wanna se the bugs so that I know how to work around...what I do mind is the fact that the Apple Store Online is a load of trerms of its order status....I mean why offer a facility if it doesn't work? Why say you will deliver in 2 days when you mean a week.....uh oh ...I was forgetting. This is Apple... I love macs and I wil foego the delivery backlog because I don't want to end up being a whinging windows nerd!! are forgiven (just get it to me this week !)


Yeah I queued with the faithful, and what a queue. There's a lot of us suckers out there :)

There was a palpable sense of disappointment when Steve said we had to pay for this thing. One of the demonstrators claimed this was because they had to have people signup rather than just download it. I don't buy that, but I paid my 249FF anyhow.



Oh sorry for you...
but we have been waiting for more than ten years for that one , so please RESPECT...

and by the way, please stop being so capitalistic, that time only if you want, but you will really appreciate OS X and you should not angry yourselves so much since it is only a beta and it works quite good.:)))))))))))


I had the same trouble. They screwed up the tracking numbers so everybody's order was late! Granted the Apple store needs more support, but beleive me... I've got it now and it was worth the wait! YES!!!