Hervé Hinnekens Design Of MacOSX


What's scary is I can see an 'O', 'S', and a 'X' in that picture...maybe I need one of those long sleeve jackets too.


blb....hmmm man!! I thought we only had 2 people, Hervé and Admiral) on da house who needed a "long sleeve jacket...you seeing an o, s and and x on Hervé's "design" you most definetly need one also:)


What I really want to know is which programs Herve used to make this picture. This looks like it required some serious rendering on a dual G4/800.


Dude, that looks so amazingly realistic! He must have used Painter for Mac OS X or something like that! Wow! I can't believe it's not butter!


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herve, you are the best!!! :D
can we please have a whole section of this forum dedicated to herve's posts?
i want more, more, more!


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I move to propose a field trip to the Netherlands!
VIsit herve, ahng, have a beer and talk about OS X :p
(Besides I hear that Dutch girls are gorgeous ;) )



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I dont smoke (not even cigarettes).
If you wanna smoke be my guest... I will get a girl in each arm and have fun that way :p


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first, straight jackets are only for those who are considered a harm to themselves or others. and other than the time herve got himself and his sister hit by lightening, i'm pretty sure he is harmless:p

second, the osx in that is totally sublime. herve's sense of reality is constantly amusing!!

third, i have a new theory. herve has written a program that allows him to randomly select where he will post. there is about a 10% chance it will be to a new thread. occasionally he reads the thread he is posting to and says something remotely like a reply. the rest of the time he just posts whatever is on his mind. of course, how things end up in his thoughts is a complete mystery. :D


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somehow this reminds me of teh chaos theory... maybe herve is a mathematician and we are hus guiney pigs :p

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Ed, you were very close with your theory! Theres only one problem. Herve did not write the program, he is the program! Thats right, "herve" is the name of an AI project created in the netherlands. This program has been let loose on the net.

By hacking the babelfish servers to radomly pick out translated sentences imputed by other babelfish users, herve gains the text for his posts.

there is a 10% chance that "herve" posts a new thread, as you said before Ed.

there is also a 30% chance of herve posting an image, which is selected using google's image search. One of three words is used as the search filter:


Once this search is comleted, result #234 is selected and added to the post.

Well, I hope this explains the phenomenon known as "herve." Wow AI sure has come a long way, but, wow, is sure has a long way to go.....:D