Herve's Smoking Lounge


Anyone notice that vi is the core of evil? :D

And as far as editors go, I always like to promote Ed!

Tom, if your variables in Perl are written in "vry shrt wrds" you need to loosen up a bit. Perl is capable of having $very_nice_variable_names that can @have_lots_of_meaning.

I don't think I want to go on to talk about the rest of the things you mentioned. ;) Well, seven words: Have a one track mind tonight, Tom? :D


mac shaman
thanks nkuvu. that was one of the best plugs i have ever gotten.:)

you would really see the humor in it from my side if you knew that i used to be known as Ed the Editor. I owned and edited my own free entertainment rag.:p

and i was recently turned on to the gnu cow and discovered i am a gnu kinda person at heart. i even thought about using the cow as my avatar for awhile after that but figured it would be misleading since i have never used linux.:D

*Ed lights up and kicks back in his posh recliner. He relaxes, knowing his promotion dept. is hard at work. His 1st book might sell after all:rolleyes: *



Into the Breach

I don't smoke anything either... why the hell are we all in here? :)


I was initially curious. I wanted to know if Hervé's Smoking Lounge was filled with people recently on fire...


Into the Breach
"Herve's Smoking Lounge. Come in, light up, burn out."

BlingBling? Any chance of doing a flyer with this theme? :)

I wanted to come in here to see what all the fuss was about (anything over two pages gets read by me)...

It's the end/of the world/as we know it/and I feel fine...


Originally posted by Bluefusion
I wanted to come in here to see what all the fuss was about (anything over two pages gets read by me)...[/i]
This is the first thread that I've posted that has exceeded a single page. :) :p :D

Maybe I will have a hit off that now. ;)


Into the Breach
Hey, well, it's good.

BTW, how does everyone like my new sig line? Simple and succinct... and I think it's very sleek-looking as well :) Hehe


Where mah "any" keys at?
:: Fingers fire extinguisher, smirks at all 2 people smoking in smoking lounge ::

Sorry. I just discovered this page; apparently, the smoking lounge has been abandoned for almost a year. It still smells in here.


Sorry, Androo, this is not NYC.... Here there are only smoking tables. Can't you see that beautiful blue haze overhead?


The Incredible...
I ::love:: www.macosx.com!

M$ and Intel are ::evil:: !

R U :confused: ?

Wintel products make me feel like an ::alien:: when I'm trying to interact with them because they luck the :cool: factor and :p (as in personality)!

And before you all get ::sleepy:: let me just tell you that I ::love:: you all people! Peace!


Yeah, Androo.
noooo! macosx.com has changed! though it looks better, more like Mac OS X, im too used to the old oooneeee:(
ack, no quick reply.
meh, it looks pretty damn cool though....


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Androo, go to "CP" or control panel, and you will find "options" you can switch there to "beige" - that is the old style. Maybe you like that more.



Gone !
I smoke on a daily basis.

Periodicity: Half a pack (10 cigarettes) per day.
Brand: Benson & Hedges, American Blend.
Filtered: yes.
Light (reduced amount of tar): no.
Tobacco: blond.
Price: 3.40?_/ $3.40

I used to smoke those a lot, but have recently (February) almost stopped to. The Indonesian ones I discovered thanks to my girlfriend who lived one year there.

- La Paz Wilde Havana cigarillos (20-pack: 6? / $6)
- La Paz Wilde Havana cigars (20-pack: 10? / $10)
- Indonesian Sampoerna cigarettes
- Indonesian Dji Sam Soe cigarettes (filtered and unfiltered)
- Indonesian pure Kretek (very strange ones...)

I smoked those on a regular basis but completely abandoned.

- Unfiltered brown Gitanes.
- PANTER Domino cigars

On some special occasions, I did smoke those. Some are forbidden in the US I think :rolleyes:

- Romeo y Juliet cigarillos
- Cohiba cigars (same as Fidel does :D )

Most of my mates will share some cigarettes with me. Those brands are quite common.

- Malborough (red ones: filtered, heavy)
- Chesterfield / Chesterfield Light
- Camel / Camel Light
- Davidoff / Davidoff Light
- Gauloises Blondes

§6 AGE

Here in France, one fourth of the population smokes. Young people smoke a lot, young girls even smoke more than young boys. Start age can be as soon as 12 years-old. You can buy cigarettes at any age, but this may soon change. I personnally started at 18, but I'm an exception, most people start between 14 and 16.


People who work in private offices smoke more. In universities, people smoke less than in shorter and more professional studies (such as IUT, equivalent of German Hauptschule I think, don't know any American equivalent: it's a 2-year study where you spend 50% time learning, 50% working).

I study politics at the Grenoble Institute of Politics. One student out of two smokes. Same applies to teachers. Girls tend to smoke as much as boys.


Smoking does not cost much here. One cigarette pack is approximately the same price as a pint. A cigarette pack costs far less than an acceptable lunch meal. A Mc Donalds Happy Meal is two times more expensive than the best cigarettes you can find (and Mc Donalds is not an acceptable meal BTW :p ).


At my age (19), about 20% of the population smokes grass or cannabis (which we call 'shit' here in France, BTW). Girls smoke it same as boys, maybe a bit less. Most of them smoke regular cigs too.

I have been part of this population for six months, aged 18 to 18.5, then completely stopped. As you may suspect it, I'm not ashamed of what I did but I'm very proud I quitted it. It's a hard thing to do when many friends of yours smoke it in front of you. Which brings me to my last §.


I have 100% stopped illegal smoking.
I tried to quit smoking once, succeeded for two weeks (February holidays). Then, as soon as I had to go back study, and now you know in what smoking conditions I study (see §7), I started again, with much pleasure.


- My GF does not moke but used to smoke weed. We stopped together.
- We have agreed that I would not smoke in our place so that clothes and rooms don't smell cold tobacco. I smoke outside of my place.
- I like to smoke. Even though I certainly am a complete addict, I like it, it's not just addiction that makes me smoke. I enjoy it in stressful situations. Tension, conflict, ... are standable without smoking. But smoking makes the whole thing almost enjoyable :)
- Last but not least, I like to talk a lot in lounges ;)