Hints: Wireless To Wired


A problem I recently solved for my home networking, I thought
some of you could use this :)

We have two machines at home one Macbook and another a Linux
laptop. We have a router (DSL) that connects to one of these.

a) Both must be able to access internet.
b) No one else should access the internet.
c) There should be no passwd protection
(let anyone join, but can't do much, forget experts ;) )
d) The laptops must be connected over wireless.

1. Connect Linux laptop to Router.
2. Setup dnsmasq in Linux with DHCP on.
3. Start Wireless Peer to Peer in Macbook
i. Turn Airport On
ii. Create Network
4. Linux joins Wireless.
5. Linux: configure iptables to do -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE

All set :)


U.S.D.A. Prime
Very helpful, but more complex than need be:

1) Get wireless router for use with DSL modem.
2) Configure wireless router for MAC filtering.
3) There is no step 3.

This meets requirements a, b, and d. I'm not sure what the entirety of c means, however -- in the setup I described, there would be no password protection, but only the two laptops would be able to join and participate in the network.