Ho Officejet 6210 And Os 9.2.1 Printing Problem


I just bought a HP Officejet 62190 'all-in one'. I hooked it up my laptop (Mac OS X) and desktop (Mac OS 9.2.1).

The laptop printing works fine, but when I use my desktop (OS 9.2.1) to print a page it flashes a quick message about 'spooling' and then nothing.

Also, when I click on Chooser and pick the HP printer it shows it in the box, but when I then close it, click on it again the box is blank again.

Can you help?


Hans Kremer
Does the HP OfficeJet 62190 support AppleTalk? Are you trying to printer over AppleTalk on the laptop? Have you tried turning off the Printer Spool under OS 9 (disable the associated "Printer Spooling" extensions and reboot) and printing directly to the printer?