Hot Corner not working?


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I have had this problem since Jaguar, and it continues with Panther.

Every time I want to activate the screen saver, I throw the mouse up into the upper-left hand corner. I have this set as the hot corner that turns it on, and have since the AfterDark days. Since who-knows-when, last year sometime, whenever I do this action, the screen goes blank for a second, the mouse cursor flashes once, and the desktop comes back up. I have tried moving the 'start screen saver' option to other corners of the screen, and of course it works, but that is not where I want to put my mouse to turn on the screen saver. I have also switched actions on the broken corner. Disable Screen Saver, and each expose function works in the upper left hand corner, but start screen saver still does not.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Inventor of the Egg Wave
Ooh good question, bobw. Yes, it does - I just ran through all of them to make sure.


Inventor of the Egg Wave
Not that I know of, but that sounds like something. Almost like the action of putting the mouse there starts the screen saver, but also starts something else, which in turn, turns off the screen saver. Not bad, but why would it only do it for this one function, in this corner only?


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If you do have another app that users corners, it could be set as default for that corner. Restart holding the Shift key to disable any startup items and see it the problem is still there. If it is, open Activity Monitor and see what's running that may cause it.


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Also, check to make sure that the mouse cable itself is "loose" when you put the mouse in that corner -- I had a similar problem where my mouse cord was too taut and I'd put the pointer in the corner, let go of the mouse, and the lack of slack in the mouse cord caused it to be pulled ever so slightly, moving the mouse a tiny bit and causing the screen saver to go away since mouse movement was detected.

A long shot, but it may help...