How can I convert a dvd to apple tv format?

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Hello, I've just bought the new apple TV (2010) and I have a rather large DVD collection that I wouldn't mind converting to itunes/apple tv format. Now, I've tried videora and a few others including the rather cool looking Hamster, which is less than cool (itunes rejects each file you convert).

Can anyone out there suggest a good converter that actually works?
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Handbrake (

Install VLC ( alongside Handbrake to be able to rip and convert protected DVDs.

Handbrake has presets for "AppleTV 2" which work splendidly. I recently converted over a bunch of Muppet Show DVDs for my toddler so that we can stream them through the AppleTV, since the only DVD players left in the house are DVD-R drives in various computers.
These are probably spam-bait threads. In a couple of hours or days, someone will come, create a user and suggest one of the tools that cost something.
I use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD then handbrake to encode to Apple TV friendly mp4 file.
It used to be a free app but not sure if it's still available.
Just convert your DVD to MP4, MOV or M4V format, iTunes will accept them.
Yeah handbrake is awesome but will not work with protected commercial DVDs. So you are still suggested to try some paid softwares with good technical support like BDMagic. It's been tough working with so much bugs in some freewares.
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