How Can I Disable The Keyboard Eject Button ?


Hi all and a Very Happy New Year to All!!

How can I disable the keyboard Eject button as I keep pressing up against it lightly when typing and the tray ejects and it's really annoying... I think before you had to press it hard or for a sustained time to get the CD/DVD slot/tray to open.... now... the slightest tip and it will open.

Is there any work around this...?

Any suggestions most welcome.


MacPro 12 Core (Mid 2010), OS X El Capitan (10.11), 64GB Ram with 512GB SSD Drive
I know what you mean and you feel like a jerk when it happens. :mad:
My work around...teach yourself to avoid the key.
It's a very unfortunate placing of the eject key and there are lot's of people out there whom are just as frustrated as you are. I tried Karabiner but couldn't get it to work with High Sierra. My next option would be to create a remapping program myself as I can't find any good ones out there.

Any other suggestions?