How Can I Get Apple Mail Backedup On My Hard Drive?

Rick Thomas

Hello Everyone,

Is there any legitimate solution to backup Apple mail on my hard drive, I have had lost and corrupted mails by archiving process. I need a more promising solution to this issue. Please help me out here.

... lost and corrupted mails by archiving process.

I'm assuming you're talking about Mail's "archive" mbox-es. I have never used that mechanism, so I just tried it on a couple messages in two IMAP accounts. It created an archive box on the IMAP server in both cases, and copied the messages to them. I suspect without proof that it creates the mbox locally for a POP account. Which kind do you use?

For IMAP, you have to trust your server and Apple's copy process. For POP, you have to trust your local backup processes. I recommend Time Machine in conjunction with SuperDuper! using two physically different external disks. This has saved my butt more than once.

Well this was the kind of reply i wanted, the third party app, Mail Backup X is a stunning application. Its everything i want. It can ackup emails from different email clients on mac, infact all the email clients on mac even gmail and yahoo as well. I am using this app since 2 weeks and haven't got any issues till now

Thanks for sharing. You rock.. :D