How can I kill an Apple ID?

John Varela

I have two or three Apple IDs collected over some years. Now, when there is a software update, the App Store insists that I must log in with my old ID that I haven't used in years. I don't know what the password is, and when I click "forgot your password" the email is sent to some email account that I no longer have. When I log on using my active Apple ID and try to get an update the App Store insists I have to log on using the address.

Apple's web site and help have been useless in trying to solve this. Can anyone tell me how I can find out what Apple IDs I have and then kill all but one of them?
The only real way to do this is through Apple ID support.

You'll notice that article says you cannot change an email address for an Apple ID account that ends in (among others)

So, what you should do is change your primary account to one that is not one of those names.

You also cannot merge AppleID accounts that you already have.
What you CAN do is make one of your accounts the primary, and just use that one from this point.

If none of your accounts can now be modified, because they ALL end in either, or or, then perhaps you need a new account, or contact Apple ID support directly for better help.

Finally, reset the password to one of your accounts, if you need to, and change that one to your primary account (just start using it, instead of any other accounts that you might have)
I think that this page should help direct you to a good result -
If that doesn't help, contact Apple ID support directly, if you need more help with that. They should be the best help with deciding which account is best for you to use from now on.
I was able to recover the password by answering the security questions. The problem was that my idea of which was my favorite car changed over the years. That, and the fact that the correct favorite was a 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder, which can be represented by a half-dozen variants of the name.

Thanks for helping.