How can I limit outgoing calls to 5 minutes in 13.6?


I have an iphone 6s. Is there a way to make outgoing calls disconnect in 5 minutes? The phone plan plan I am on costs an arm and a leg after 5 minutes.

Can this be done in iPhone or do I need an app. I so, which one is good for this purpose? I do not need a lot of bells and whistles - just cutoff the call.

Just tell then you have to use the call of nature and have to go! That works for me all the time!
Somethings require a call, a conversation.

Agreed. But what you are looking for is an app that will just automatically cut off your call after 5 minutes which can be taken as rude if you or the person you called is in mid sentence.
You could set a timer for 5 minutes. When it goes off, say 'oops, I gotta go.' and then hang up.
I just don't understand! Are you on the $1/month plan? I know this is Japan, but every plan I have ever seen or heard of includes calling & text. Yes, you pay for data, but in this day & age, the rest is included in your plan.

Ok, they may limit your texts, and even phone calls to a certain number of minutes/month of cheap plans----but never heard of 5 minute, or any other time, limit/call.

Absolutely ridiculous! Dump your carrier, I'm sure you have others to choose from.

Rant over! :)
Yes, ridiculous . . . Japan has the most expensive carrier rates on earth!

Yeap, been there many times and it's crazy. In general Japan is very expensive. But when I was there I could buy only data card for the phone, was not possible to get any sim card that included calls (to do so you have to be a resident and not tourist). But when I visited my friend at his Thai condo at the airport I bought a proper sim card and it was working perfectly. Depends on a country as always.
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