How can I watch an AVI file?


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It looks like there's a problem with the video, I see the first frame but then once the entire video loads it disappears...


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It works fine on a windows box. And the thing is, I just converted a windows user to a Mac user, and now he's all PO'd cuz he can't play all AVI's. Even with DivX, VCL and Mplayer they don't all work. sucks.


I saw it all, it was a race or a clip of a car... It had no sound though.

Anyway I'm using DivX Codec 5.1 if it helps.

Hope so.


The AVI in question is buggy and has incorrect headers, meaning that Quicktime can't tell that there is audio.
The Video played well with the 3ivx Codec from but DivX Doctor fell over whilst trying to doctor the AVI to something with sound.
See if your Windows Friend can fix it with VirtualDub. Apparently this Windows program can rewrite the headers.