How do I get my iMac 24" sound to my hi-fi.....


Please help.....I want to get my 24" iMac's sound to my hi-fi system receiver? What do I need to buy, etc?

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Your iMac has a 3.5mm headphone interface you can use for both analog and optical connection. If your receiver has an optical input, you'll need a cable that has TOSlink on one end (for the stereo) and an optical minijack on the other (probably). Otherwise, you can simply use a minijack-cinch cable.


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How close are you to the HI-FI receiver?


I have a 21 inch Mac. My Hi Fi a Roksan K2 Amplifier/ Tannoy 7.4 speakers/ and I stream music via Bluesound node from a Nas drive from the other side of the house. To Stream wireless sound from My Mac I bought a Arcam IR2 Dac. Which is beside my amplifier connects with phono leads. The Dac has an antenna. It streams Wireless without lag effortlessly. Very easy install for mac. The mac pairs up instantly. Windows 10 is a bit more involved. I highly recommend the dac. Had it a week.

Pros: It sounds great

cons: It is not cheap,rSeries,USB-DAC,irdacii.htm