how do i open unix executable file?

I'm guessing the files don't have the correct Office document extensions. Add .doc to the names of the Word Documents, .xls for Excel, and .ppt for PowerPoint. Does that help?
Please help me, I have several unix executable files that I need to convert to microsoft office. The file extension is .lwp which is lotus word pro. I am using a macbook pro running osx mountain lion.
Sounds like you need to find a converter from Lotus to Word or to Rich Text Format at least. If the files just contain text, you could try opening them in TextEdit to get at it.
Thank for the tip. I am new at this and as such a bit ignorant as to certain things. Based on your reply, I went searching and I found what I need. Unfortunately, I am required to have a Windows OS on my mac which I don't. So basically, I am back where I started.

Thank you for trying though.
You would need to search for a Mac converter, if one exists. Where did these files come from. Ideally, use Lotus Word Pro to export the files to Word or Rich Text Format.
My boss used nothing but lotus word pro up until late last year. I had the software on my old HP but for some reason, the software isn't there anymore. I need these files open so as to use the templates for another project I should start tomorrow.

I will keep searching taking into consideration what you suggested. Thanks again.