How do you guys move the dock around?

Type sudo open -e /System/Library/CoreServices/ LANGUAUGE.lproj/DockMenus.plist

Enter your password.

Find the lines with 1013 and 1014 and replace the word 'command' with 'menu'.


Click on the dock next to the divider line and choose the option you want to set.

Good luck.
you have to use the Terminal application located in: /Applications/Utilities

This is a command-line interface that allows you to interact with the system on a text-command basis. It's similar to the DOS prompt, but it's all unix, baby.
it says <b>-e: Command not found.</b>

I entered <b>-e /System/Library/CoreServices/</b>

Any other ways I can do it?
Originally posted by pickleweasel
it says <b>-e: Command not found.</b>

I entered <b>-e /System/Library/CoreServices/</b>

Any other ways I can do it?

Type "sudo open -e /System/Library/CoreServices/ LANGUAUGE.lproj/DockMenus.plist" Exactly as shown, except replace YOUR LANGUAGE with the appropriate language, as you did before. Do not forget the sudo open
you need to tell the app that you are wanting to open the file. the -e tells it to open the file in the text editor rather than simply run it.
near the beginning of the document are blocks of XML code that say something like

what you have to change is the word 'command' to 'menu'

do this for the 1013 and 1014 blocks. save your file, exit the Terminal and you should be able to right-click onto the background (near the bar separator) and choose Orientation and Pin.

if you go to the thread in the link several posts above, you'll see a screenshot of what needs to be changed.

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