How do you pronounce your name


We lived overseas for most of children's childhoods and have developed ( or underdeveloped ) interesting ways of pronouncing things. When the kids were reading Harry Potter they were skeptical that Ms Granger's name was her-MY-oh-knee. They really did not believe me until Victor Krum showed up. My middle son DAN-yell was so bad at it we laughed about his a-pruhn-si-NA-shu. He laughed too, I hope not to hide the pain. He has the last laugh being fluent in English Spanish and Arabic (albeit all of them with an accent from one of the others).

I thought Jordan Peterson was wrong pronouncing nihh-il-ism NAI-hil-ism till the dictionary corrected me.

So... How do you a-PRun-si-nate your name. Or your Avatars name. Or some word you say differently than others do.

Really I just want to know how to pronounce Satcomer
I did my time in Army as a SATCOM tech for 6 of final years in 90s! That's when I first when online and thought up the name Satcomer! I then retired and went into network security configuring Cisco routers and switches! I decided to keep the name until I die, if you have problem with that then that's your problem!

SATCOM=Satellite Communications in geostationary orbit
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No problem at all - I like it.

So it is SAT-cAHm-er
I usually think of it as sAt-coe-MARE (doesn't look it but it has a french lilt for me)