How doI get rid of tabs in Firefox?


I have Firefox 8.0.1 running on 10.5.8. I hate tabs and want to get rid of them. Is there a setting to do so? I know there is a setting to display them on top or bottom but want to get rid of them altogether. If there is no setting, can someone tell me how to do it in Terminal?

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Hamburglar here. Tabs are a integral part of browsers, just as Ronald MacDonald goes with MacDonalds. Do you want to view one website at a time? Then don't open another tab. Pretty simple.


Hamburglar, don't think you can steal any of my hamburgers!!

I don't open browsers in tabs, I open them in new windows. But even if I don't open any, there is this one stupid tab empty tab that always sits there.

But I just realized it is there on my home machine but not on the Mac at work. Both run same system and browser version. There must be a setting somewhere.


I don't have any fast food patter, but I do have a tab solution.... :D
Open Firefox Preferences, then the Tabs tab.
Uncheck "Always show the tab bar"
With that setting off, and you have less than two tabs, the tab bar is not shown.