How many Mac's have you had in your lifetime? (Home only + parent's machines)

How many Mac's have you had in your lifetime? (Home only + parent's machines)

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4 Total. All mine. No one else in my family gives a rats ass about technology.

1.Apple II
2.PowerMac 9600/200 (Kansas)
3.Dual G4 500 (Sawtooth)
4.iMac TFT (Codename?)


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  1. Macintosh (the original 128 K Mac)
  2. Macintosh Plus
  3. Macintosh IIsi
  4. PowerMacintosh G3 (beige, desktop, 266 MHz)
  5. iBook (white, 500 MHz)


Apple ][e <--- can I count this... (not a mac, but still apple)

Centris 650
UMAX C600 <--- does this count for the vote?
Blue/White G3
Titanium G4


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I voted 6-8

Apple Mac 512k-given to me by my uncle, havent really used it that much.

Apple IIgs-not really a Mac but I ran System 6 on it

Apple Mac Performa 638-actually a pretty nice system, I ran all the way up to OS 8.1 on it, ocassionally still used it. Its only fault was that its 68040 lacked an FPU.

Apple Mac Performa 6220-Pretty slow system, but I love the sound this sound this thing makes when I turn it on. My favorite tone by far. A friend gave me this system, and I am using it as a server running 0S 9.1 surprisingly, although it is very very slow.

iMac DV SE 400- A Great machine, a fanstastic system, I use it daily, running OS X. I will delete OS 9 off this system very soon.

iBook 500 Dual USB CD-RW- Another fantastic system, This machine is great. I use it all the time. Running OS X.

iMac G4 800mhz Superdrive- By Far the best thing I have ever owned. Their are not enough words to describe how great this system is. This Machine is the best thing to come from Apple ever. Utterly Fantastic. Running OS X.


Macintosh SE 30 (in 1991)
LC 475 (in 1994)
Performa 6200 (in 1997)
iMac DV SE (in 2001)
iMac G5 17" (since 2004)


oh, apple history... 9 apples then.

Macintosh 128k
Mac SE
Macintosh LC
Power Macintosh 6500
iMac G3 Bondi Blue
iMac G3 Graphite
iMac G4
iMac G5


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Well, currently this is how my count stands:
Macintosh SE
Macintosh SE/30
Macintosh IIcx *
Macintosh IIci *
Macintosh LCII *
Macintosh Quadra 700 ** (A/UX 3.0.1)
Macintosh Quadra 900 *
Macintosh Quadra 950 ** (Mac OS 8.1)
Power Macintosh 7100 *
Power Macintosh 7500 ** (Rhapsody 5.6)
Power Macintosh 8100 ** (Mac OS 8.6)
Power Macintosh 8500 *
Power Macintosh 8500 *
iMac 350 ** (Mac OS X v10.2)
iMac DV 400 *
PowerBook Duo 230
PowerBook Duo 270c
PowerBook Duo 280 *
PowerBook Duo 280c
PowerBook Duo 2300c ** (Mac OS 8.6)
PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet) ** (Mac OS X v10.2)​

* denotes system I still have
** denotes system still in active use


1. Mac Performa
2. Mac Performa 180
3. PowerMac G3 400MHz
4. iMac G3 500MHz
5. iMac G3 600MHz
6. PowerMac G4 867MHz
7. PowerMac G4 533MHz
8. PowerBook G4 15" 1GHz
9. iMac G4 1GHz
10. PowerBook G4 15" 1.25GHz
11. iMac G5 20" 1.8GHz G5
12. PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8GHz (8 DIMMs)
13. PowerBook G4 17" 1.67GHz

Ooops! Forgot my old iBook! I was trying to do that in order, but I'm not renumbering! ;)

14. iBook G3 500MHz Combo



I guess this is largely my fathers fault:

1) Apple II
2) Mac plus
3) Quadra 950 AV (later we added a 66 mhz powermac card to it)
4) Powerbook duo 230
5) Powerbook dua 270c (with DuoDock, both flavours)
6) Powermac 7100 (the first really good looking computer)
7) Powerbook G3 (wallstreet)
8) Another powerbook G3
9) iMac dv (my mother bought this for herself)
10) Powerbook G4 15' titan (My father bought this for himself)
11) eMac 700 mhz (i bought this for myself. later sold it to my sister)

moved to my own apartment

12) powerbook G4 12' 1.33ghz
13) iBook 12' 1.2ghz (my girlfriend, and flatmate, bought this)


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Macintosh Plus (Still have, still works)
Mac Classic (Sold)
Mac Classic (We had two)
Mac Performa 250 (Still have, still works like a trooper)
Mac LC (Still have, needs a working monitor)
PowerBook 100 (Sold)
PowerBook 140 (Still have, don't use much)
PowerMacintosh 5500 (briefly)

[Large gap in time here, I know but my dad was using the PowerBook 190 until last year, when his school bought him a clamshell iBook]

Clamshell iBook (Dad's current laptop)
iMac G3 350 (Dad's current computer)
iMac G3 350 (My current server/Mum's computer)
PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (broken screen now, since my brother stepped on it :mad:)
PowerBook G4 Aluminium (My current machine)

The thing I always found most impressive was how much use my dad was able to squeeze out of a PowerBook 140. It's so amazingly old nowadays, yet he was using it as his primary machine, quite happily, until he got the Clamshell and iMac. Sometimes it's just fun to plug the machines in and see the old things whirring away.

The Performa 250 was my brother's when I had the LC (both were colour, both had HDDs. The Performa had a smaller screen, and could render far more colours, but otherwise, quite similar). I remember at the age of 7 networking the two. That's just incredible to me.


My then girlfriend and now wife got me hooked on Macs. I couldn't even find the power switch on her IIvi but overnight became a computer geek. But the poll said how many have I owned so here go:

6400/180 Performa (added hard drive where zip went)
G3/350 (overclocked, extra hard drive, zip and 17" studio display)
G4 Quicksilver 733, now 933 Apple processor, Radeon 9000 128Mb, 1.12 GB RAM, 2x120GB 7200rpm plus external 160GB, LG GSA-4163B burner, zip, cooling mods, 17" digital LCD...

Apple, I've got the cash and want a G5, update the Powermacs already!!!!!! :)


Chris Knight


Quadra 630
Power Tower 180 clone
Sawtooth 400Mhz, my current machine.

Next will be a G5 tower of some sort, depending on what Apple makes in the next 3 months.


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In order of acquisition...

Apple IIc - First Apple ever. Used to practice BASIC programming when I was a kid in the 80s. :p
Performa 6220CD - First Power Mac, but a disappointment of a machine. :(
Quadra 650 - Great 68K Mac I acquired for free 2 yrs ago. Currently hosting my homepage with MacHTTP.
Performa 6300 - Given to me from a friend. Seems as though this was a Performa 631CD with a 6300 logic board (case still has 631CD name, but Sys Profiler said 6300). Talk about luck! Given to a friend to tinker with.
StarMax 4000 MT - Cool PPC Mac clone tower from Motorola. Running Debian "sarge." Traded a PC for this one.
PowerBook Duo 230 - Neat little 68030 notebook I just got from a friend who was going to send it to the dumpster after getting a PowerBook G4. Still deciding whether to keep it. :p

Hopefully I can add one more when I have enough cash. And this will be a new one. :p


I, personally, have had 22, but that does NOT include the computers my parents had when i was too young to buy one myself. it also does not include the PCs i have had.


* Graphite iBook SE G3@366MHz
* 12" PowerBook G4@867MHz
* 15" PowerBook G4@1.33GHz

And some older machines: a Macintosh Classic and an LC II (with an a4 screen).


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Since my first post in this thread, I've also had an iBook 12" G3/800 (now my gf's), the PowerBook 15" G4/1.33 and the iBook 12" G4/1.2. Which'd put me into the >15 category now. But I can't change my answer from 10-15 to that, of course. ;)