How many years using the mac?

How many years have YOU used a Mac?

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I'm 20 years old. I've used macs since my Elementary school got an LCII, I believe in my third or fourth grade... Could have been 5th... Before that, I was using Apple IIC's. The first computer I purchased was a Quadra 605. It was top o' the line with it's 100 meg hard drive and 66 mhz processor.



Originally posted by PowermacG4_450
Im VERY interested to learn how many years you all have used a mac.
When I was in *thinking back* grade 5, we got a apple IIe in our class. Odelle lake....oregon trail....where in the world is carmen san diego...ah yes....old school! :D

But as for actual macs.....well, I've been using them since the Mac SE.....


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Ever since my parents bought a Mac SE-30 top of the line brand new. I have for as long as I can even rememeber. I'm only 17 (born in 1985) but remember playing games like Dark Castle and Iago and Reader Rabbit or painting pictures and printing them on our dot-matrix printer on the thing since the dawn of my memory. Been a Mac addict ever since, so basically my whole life.


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Horay for dark castle!!!! eeeeeek awk awk awk. That game was WICKED, i loved it.

Ive had a Mac since the beginning of time. The first one i can remember is a Macintosh SE (just like the old startup pic pre 10.2) 10" B&W screen finder 6.x
we had one before that but i cant remember what it was. My parents picked out the Mac because it had a better screen!!

I still got this little beauty. Starts up in no time. Fans getting a bit noisy these days!! Ran dark castle like a dream!!

The Mac SE
CPU: MC68000
CPU speed: 8 Mhz
Floppy: 1 800k 3.25"
HD: about 20Mb
Monitor: 1 bit (Black & White) 512x342
Min System 6.0.3
introduced: March 1987
terminated: October 1990

My dad still uses his Powerbook 180c for email and wordprocessing, it was released in 1993. Still goes like a charm, apple perfected the art of making the computer sleep AND wakeup a good 10 years ago!!

CPU: MC68030
CPU speed: 33 Mhz
Floppy: 1.44 MB SuperDrive
HD: 80Mb
Screen: Active Matrix 10" 4 bit (16 Grays) 640x400 (180)
Min System Software: 7.1

And my iMac 400 G3.

I have had many others but these are the ones i still have.


Ah, you youngsters are helping me recall so many fond memories of lost loves:

Classic 2
Quadra 660 AV (the best ever! - for its time)
Powerbook 140b
Newton 110 (I don't care what they say - it was ahead of its time)
iMac - original
G4 450

Of course, I can't forget my Amigas, but that is another story.


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Hmm, well I chose 0-5 since I have had my G4, and first Mac, since last Nov. All because of OS X. But, we did have Apple IIe's in high school. Should I count that? That would have been about 16 years ago. :eek:


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i have a similar experience. i have been using the mac
since dec '01 when i purchased a 867 quicksilver. however
my first experience with apple was back in 84 i think, when i
got my second computer ever.... an apple //c.

oh and an ex girlfriend in college had a mac classic, which
i used even though i was into pcs at that point.


My first mac I owned was a SE, however we hooked up 9 macs(512's?) to a SE/30 in our HS lab, along side the 20 or so Apple IIe's long before that.

First Apple - II, II plus, IIe.

Have since owned, SE/30, II, IIci, IIfx, IIsi, Centris 650, 7100, 8100, and my current mac is a beige G3/266.

Of course, it has many mods to it. That would make it about 16-17 years on macs.


Back in '87... The ol' SE was quite a beauty.

I remember my addictions:

Dark Castle
Leather Goddess of Phobos

That was the time I realized that I wanted to do networking.. when I got my SE and my friends SE hooked up via localtalk to play Falcon Flight Simulator.



Anyone remember Uninvited? That was my fix. Still have it somewhere.



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Apple II Plus (color) was my first introduction into the Apple world. I've been with them ever since.

I used to play Load Runner most of the time, but I also lost many hours to programming in BASIC.

I still have some floppy disks in my parent's house somewhere. I'll have to hunt them down the next time I visit.



I was a die hard mac basher until I used my roomates mac 6 years ago. Even at 75 Mhz it was faster than my 233 PI. Around that time was the first time I was introduced to NEW apple hardware. we watched the macworld webcast giving the world the first look at the B&W G3. 3 months after that I had one sitting on my desk. I've been in love ever since.


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I had Karateka as well!

I forgot about it until just now... :D


Been using the Mac since 1986. Everything from a 512Ke, IIci, IIfx, IIsi, LC LCII, SE, SE/30, 7200, Beige G3, B&W G3, G4, iMac 333 and iBook.


My first Mac was an SE in '87. They were practically giving them away for $3,000.
Before that it was an Apple II. I still have them both and will keep them forever.