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How old are you?

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Rusher of Din
Not insulted at all. I think you are right about the pic. But it's the only recent one I have. I think I do look younger in person, but whatever. I feel fine. :)
And thanks for the compliment. I wish I heard it more often from women. ;-)


Rusher of Din
Well when I was little, everyone said that I would appreciate it when I was older. At this point I feel ambivalent, so I suppose it will just get better from here. :) When I go out with friends who are younger than I, everyone always thinks I am the youngest. One time we met up with some work friends of one of them, and one of the girls asked my friend what they were doing hanging out with a 16 year-old.


Safety Inspector
I'm sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm almost 24, and have a big ol' red beard. With the beard, I've been estimated to be 33, but if I shave the beard, I'll look like I'm 15-16 (I'm told, anyway). Why can't I just look like a 24 year old?


Rusher of Din
Hmm, maybe with 5 O'Clock shadow? ;-) Maybe a different haircut.

A good friend of mine who is a few years younger, looks at least 10-15 years older. In college he looked like he was in his 30's. So one time we go out to a bar with a bunch of people. We all order drinks, and when the waitress asks for ID from everyone, once he gets to Matt he just sort of looks away with this smug look and waves his hand. He didn't actually have any ID on him. And the waitress brought him his drink!


Safety Inspector
Yeah, that certainly has been an advantage. Especially when I'm the lone male with several women (like THAT happens a lot--but it has). The women will all get IDed, and I won't be. Makes me pound my chest. ungabunga.


Membrum virile
Originally posted by Matrix Agent
Ed, you dissapoint me.

I thought that I would be able to, at least for a short while, bask in the sunlight of knowing who was the loner in the most senior catergory. Just keep pushing your luck Ed....

Foiled again!

LOL! Okay, okay, I confess! I am (shhhh, whisper it)...


cocoa love
I dunno, let's swap stories.

1. This last new year's eve, I was ID'd 3 times at the bar (twice when I ordered just plain water) and another time, they pulled me off the dance floor and compared me to my ID. I had to sign a release form saying that it was my true age. Drinking age here is 19.

2. Year before last when I was 24, just before turning 25, I travelled to Mexico. They asked me for a note from my dad authorizing that I could leave the country.

3. I repeatedly get asked for ID at R rated movies.

4. My boyfriend has gotten dirty looks when they find out I'm his girlfriend. People think I'm too young for him. I'm 26, he's 27.

Whoa Jadey!: That is absolutely crazy, except I didn't get to see your pic :mad: I am able sometimes to buy cigarettes if that counts for anything.

ElDiablo: I am also very suprised, I thought you were in your mid-forties when i read your posts (That is also a compliment.)

Well I'm 17 here and I'll strive for the "most attractive" category. Haha yeah right. Maybe i can get with Jadey cuz she actually complimented me once:cool:. I would actually like to be Ed's age. I think intelligence is much more important and worth it then looks. I yearn to be able to post and have that type of vocabulary that Ed and ElDiablo have. Ed and ElDiablo how did you guys get such an expansive vocabulary? That's somthing I really really want. Just like Steve Jobs in "Pirates of Silicon Valley" said: "Knowledge is power."

Oh by the way, here's my pic:


mac shaman
1st to continue what i started saying to testuser at Herve's - glad BlingBling reposted my pic and reminded you not to take me too seriously:p I guess i should have made it cleared that i thought you look "likable". and that i require all my friends to be "weird enough":D

Whitesaint - go to college. they have vocabularies for sale there. that and just read all you can and use a dictionary whenever you see a word you don't really know. I personally don't like using a vocabulary that is full of $10 words, but sometimes they come in handy. There is probably something wrong with a 17 year old that has too extensive a vocabulary. You should be doing more things, not talking about them;)

btw - since i was born in 1957, i also like being my age given the alternatives:cool:

genghis - what is this "shhh" shit? We need to be proud of having lasted this long and being able to hang out with all these young brainiacs. Maybe we should start a wing of the Gray Panthers:D


I'm so old I was around before the Dead Sea was even sick: I'm 54! If any of you young whippersnappers need advice from a mature man, don't call me; I'm old, not mature! :D


Rusher of Din
Oldmac, that's funny, seeing your location. Reminds me of the Eddie Izzard bit about Stonehenge being built. How the Druids had the stones taken over from Wales, and one of the worker men complaining about how far they went, "200 miles in this day and age?!? I don't know where I live now!" :)