How to boot OS 9 from startup PLEASE HELP


Hi, I'm having major problems with my OSX G3 iBook. Basically I need to load, OS 9, but can only do this from startup.

I've pressed Command + S, now I am presented with the command line scipt.

What do I input to boot into OS 9. (Its on my system).

To boot from the CD-ROM, you have to hold down "C" right after you hear the startup chime. If you hold down Command-S, that will put you into Single User Mode, which is where you go when you are having problems logging in or booting into OS X.

If the "C" option doesn't work, hold down Command-Option-Shift-Delete. This will force the Mac to check for all other bootable devices before going to the hard drive.
Also, holding down the "Option" key while booting will present you with a GUI where you can select from the available boot devices, if you already have OS 9 installed.

If your computer boots into OS X just fine, simply open the System Preferences, select "Startup Disk" then select the OS 9 folder (it may take a moment or two for all options to appear as it scans the disk). Then, restart.
ElDiablo is right. Hold the option key and you'll get to choose the OS to boot.

I think on Macs released after Mac OS X became standard, but before 9 was removed from the standard install, you can boot into OS 9 just by holding down the "9" key at power-on. :)
If you *can* start up into OS9, select it from the
Startup Disk prefpane. Go back to X from 9's
Startup Disk control panel.

Or press the Option key during startup. That'll give
you the choice of which OS to boot into.