How to burn a movie


This is actually 2 questions. Does anyone know how to burn an avi movie onto a dvd from mac osx. Second does anyone know a program that will allow me to burn a regular movie dvd to my harddrive because the code on the dvd does not allow me to burn it onto my harddrive. If you know I would really appreciate it
I haven't done this for a while, but the answer to your second question is that OSX will do it. Go to the Disk Utility program(in the Utilities folder), highlight the DVD you want, and select "New Image". This will make a disk image of the DVD on your desktop.
However -- if the DVD has Macrovision protection, chances are the copy will look like crap.

This is still a gray area of legality here -- the MPAA doesn't want you to do exactly that, but there are no laws against it currently (or no laws that have been interpreted to cover that behavior specifically in court). I suggest MacTheRipper, available with a simple search on
Thanks Ill try mac the ripper. I tried what you said to do qion but it just created a harddrive file with 2 folders and a bunch of files inside that my computer couldnt read in one and a bunch of mp2 files in the other can anyone tell me what these files mean please? or if they dont mean anything