How to burn DVD in Panther?

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Open the Help Menu - top of screen. Type in Burn and hit return.

The Help menu is a good place to start looking for answers.
Thanks for the replies. I have successfuly burned a backuk DVD with Finder. However, it took about 2 hours also. The first hour is used to copy all the files (about 4G) to the disk, and the second hour is used for burning in spedd 2x.

I will try Disk Utility or Patchburn next time.
Hi folks. Burning DVD here too. Need some help.

I used MacTheRipper to download main feature of DVD to my Hard Drive. Now I want to use Disk Utility to burn a DVD. Do I need to make a disk image of movie file on my HD, then burn the image to DVD? If so, my movie is 3.44 GB. What options do I need to choose to produce effective DVD? I tried once before and got sound only - hoping MTR will fix that. OR do i simply burn the movie file from HD to DVD without intermediary software. Finally, if these options no good, do I need Toast to do it well?

Any thoughts welcome. Thank you.
If memory serves, and it hasn't for years, neither Disk Utility nor a Finder
Burn will yield a usable DVD from an MTR rip. DVDs are in a special format,
UDF I think, that OSX eschews.

Toast or Popcorn will do the trick (both Roxio commercial products). Toast
is pricier. Popcorn is designed especially for DVD movies, and even does the
compression for you so you don't have to use MTR's rather iffy "Main Feature"
Hello, I have problems after the installation of tiger in a G4 733Ghz with pioner dvd writer/burner. DVD Studio pro ist crashing wenn I'try to bild and burn dvd. Anybody knows what ist happening?
Photoshop ist crashing by open old files made in MacOs 10.2 as well