How to Capture Midis W/ a Tiger?


It is no longer an option (it would seem) to hold down on the mouse and download a midi - or maybe anything else? I haven't tried the other stuff that was so easy before ......

What should I do?

Thank you for your help!
I have solved this myself - notice the serendipity in the word I chose about it not being an "option" to download midis ....and how funny I find it to be that w/ the Tiger, I must USE the OPTION key - at the same time as mouse clicking on midi.

Maybe this will help someone else!
I don't know that I have right click possible w/ this new mouse ....iMacG5 setup doesn't seem to do anything on the right that doesn't happen on the left....maybe I am just too blonde this time around.....OK - I did just use the control button w/ mouse click in any position - and I DO get the download menu - something that doesn't show up w/ option key. I guess I AM still educable - thanks for your help!!!!
If you're using the mouse that came with the iMac, then no, it's only one button -- no "right click." You can, as you discovered, use the Control key and click combo to get a menu that allows you to download...

Try it in the Finder as well -- and on folders, and files -- the menu is different for every different kind of file or folder, providing you easy access to frequently used actions.