How to change text color in terminal?


I can set the background and text color , but i find that the color of folder and nomarl text are same. i want to know how to set folder a different color.

in linux i can use dircolor to set , but anyone know how to set in macosx ?

Many thanks


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Depends on which shell you're using... I prefer tcsh (I know, old-school), and adding the following to my .cshrc file allows me to do a "ls -lapG" and get a nice, colored output:

setenv CLICOLOR 1
setenv LSCOLORS dxfxcxdxbxegedabagacad


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going to window setting from the terminal menu gives you the ability to change the color no matter what shell you use. thats what i've done.


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True -- but that only gives you one color for all the text. If you want the Terminal to color regular files a certain color, directories another, and executables yet another, it's shell-specific.

I think he wants something like the attachment:


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