how to convert wma to itunes

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Hi. I've just googled and found a great solution that's free:

I'm using it right now. It seems to take a little longer than conversion in iTunes (ie. CD to mp3) but it can queue up as many files as you wish. If you have lots then you can just queue them up before you go to bed and let it do it overnight.

I'm using the free version to convert from WMA to MP3. It also has AAC format too.

Good luck!

EDIT: I've just finished converting 426 wma songs to mp3. The sound is good but all the album and artist information got lost in the conversion! AAARRGGHHH!!! So I'm going to use my partner's Windows PC to convert instead. *Grumble*

Excellent. Thanks!


Btw, sorry I'm late to this party.

I'm among a bunch of geeks who do rogue radio shows, albeit, sometimes a bit tipsy. A buddy sent me Limp Bizkit's "My Way," via Skype and wma.

Thus, my frustration, until waiton hooked me up.

Sounds about 5 times better via iTunes. :koolaid


No worries, folks, it's a "you send it" file.


If you have Parallels, or something similar. Download the WIN version of iTunes and add the songs to that version. It converts them and automatically adds them to my MAC library!


I have appx 1800 cd's ripped to my Windows XP computer hard drive saved in WMA Lossless format. I use this computer as my stereo's "CD" player. A few years ago I got a 160 gig iPod Classic and started with iTunes. At that time I used the "add folder" option to copy the appx 1200 ripped cd's to iTunes. At that time iTunes automatically, (somehow), converted all of the music to AAC format (or MPEG-4 or m4a). When it did the conversion, (after prompting me that it needed to be done), all of the files showed up in iTunes with all of the album, year, song, artist, composer, etc. information correctly in the iTunes library grid format.

I have since had a computer crash and had to re-rip all of the previously saved WMA lossless media files/cd's onto a new hard drive. I did back up the iTunes library as it existed before the crash so I still have all of those files and their info intact in iTunes and its library. Now for the problem.

For some reason iTunes is not converting the folders or files I try to add to the iTunes library and they all show up as unknown album, unknown artist, and the songs are listed in the library grid format as the WMA files show in their respective folders, (01 song name artist name album) and this makes for an unusable, unsearchable word salad mix of an iTunes library. Essentially the library will show all of the songs 01 ... and then all 02... etc. Every album, every artist, every song shows up in this numerical order and not related to any album.

Question: Is there a way to add the folders to the library in iTunes and make iTunes convert the files and add them to the library in a useable fashion or, is there a way to convert the WMA files, like a save as (in bulk, by large folder), into the file type iTunes needs to keep the information straight in the library so it can be added in bulk? My other option is to re-re-rip cd's, at least the 600 or so not in iTunes currently, as an "import" process within iTunes and add them to my (luckily backed up) existing saved library.

I tried going back to the iTunes version I originally used and that didn't work, unless I'm missing a step I accidentally did back then.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



I just found a easy solution for this.
It's called 'Switch', it's free, and you can download it here:

It will prompt you to install Flip4Mac (also free) from Microsoft.
Worked fine for me.

Flip4Mac doesn't work on .asf files. I'd go ahead and keep my Windows Media Player for those files.
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How do you convert the "protected" files - these play on PC running Windows Media Player - Windows allows me to download licenses to play - but I cannot move them over to my Macbook Pro? I have even tried ripping them over to mp3, but that didn't work? I have found some software that converts but it will only do limited time - 3 minutes of any track - so that's a waste of effort? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


How do you convert the "protected" files - these play on PC running Windows Media Player - Windows allows me to download licenses to play - but I cannot move them over to my Macbook Pro? ...
It is against the rules of this forum to discuss breaking DRM and such like.


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But he's using the music he has purchased legally.
Like when you buy a CD you can rip it - the same could (or should) work with audio that is in a protected format, in a way or another. Or like the audio cassettes you bought in the 1980s, you can still use them with an mp3-player if you first manage to rip them for your device. Just don't distribute your music to random people.
I'm not familiar with Windows Media Player's newer features (as I rarely use that OS), but is it possible to burn an audio CD with those WMAs? If it is, you could do that. It will still be decent quality audio, and you could rip that audio CD then with iTunes.
A bit longer route, but blank CDs are cheap.


Yeah, if the cd is home made, then you can rip that, just turn to Mac app Store to search the program can do this.


These are original CD's I purchased several years ago - the cd's are in another country so don't have access to them. I can play them on PC but they will not play on Macbook Pro - iTunes - as they demand license...which is only available via PC!! Frustrating that Apple doesn't auto allow the license consent so I can play them: and they are in WMA format - I have tried to rip / burn them off on a blank cd on PC, with the request to convert to MP3, but they don't / won't; hence they won't play on my Mac!! THanks for your response anyway - much appreciated and if you know how I can solve this issue now, great - otherwise I will have to wait to locate the disks when I next go home - in 6 months or so, until then, I can play them on my old Creative MP3 player and old PC.... just as well I kept it.... :)


I have installed and it works perfect for me.WMA to MP3 Converter is an application that is used for converting Windows Media files to MP3 files which can be played in MP3 Players.


I'm on Lion (10.7.2) using Switch 4.1.5 and have had problems flipping wma to mp3. I downloaded Switch and dragged it into the application folder, but when I tried to open it, it said: " “Switch” can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash. "

How do I fix this?


I think you have downloaded the PPC version of Switch - which can't work on your intel Mac with Lion. The Intel version is the one you need, and is not very straightforward to find. Here's a page that has your correct version for intel Macs.
Scroll down to the the "Switch" line, and click the Mac file to download. The file name will be, and NOT
Be sure to drag the Switch app to your Applications folder, as that is probably the preferred location for that app.


Method One: Import WMA to iTunes for Windows

Launch iTunes, and then click "File" > "Add File to Library" to open WMA files that you want to import. Then a window will pop up as clearly. Just click "Convert" to convert WMA to iTunes M4A format. Once the conversion is done, you can play WMA files in iTunes or import WMA to iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Method Two: Add WMA to iTunes for Mac

For Mac users, the widely used solution is to convert WMA to iTunes more compatible formats like MP3, M4A, AAC, etc with special WMA to iTunes Converter. Faasoft's great WMA to iTunes Converter is the best one of them, which enables to convert WMA to iTunes with fast speed and high quality.
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