How to hide an app...


Hi all,

I have an app called VoiceZone from Time Warner.

Since this runs from start up to shut down, I'd like to know how to hide it completely ("Hide" setting in Login Items doesn't work). I know how to hide the icon that shows next to the trash can when it's minimized, but it still shows on the main part of the Dock. I'd also like it to automate this. It starts open and on the desktop and I have to minimize it every time I start the computer.

I'm a recent (4 days ago) PC convert. So this may seem like second nature to some of you, but I'm still a noob. So thanks for any help in advance :)
Well In my Cox communications they email me my Voice Messages. Does Time Warner offer something like that so you don't have to use their old application that use constant bandwidth? Plus how about not launching the application at startup and the when starting it up right click on the app dock icon and select "hide" from there. See if that works, beside if you have a laptop that roam you don't want it eating up bandwidth, etc.

Now some hints about ISP Phone service. Most ISPs that offer phone service use Cisco VOIP server software. Now having some work service using the Cisco VOIP software i know there is a check bock to block unknown anonymous calls that most ISPs hide. I had my ISP (after speaking kindly to them) and ask then to put my service on my ISP phone. After they did that the number of calls from marketers dropped drastically! So you might would want to check that out (by calling them) and see if they will do the same for you.
I can and do hide it just fine. The app icon by the trash at least (still haven't figured out if that area has it's own name, similar to windows system tray). The other icon farther to the left, doesn't get hidden and I want to hide it. Right clicking it and selecting Hide, only hides the icon next to Trash. I'm probably seeking functionality that doesn't exist, but should.