How to Move apple mail archives to windows outlook ?

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Hello Everyone,

I have recently bought a windows laptop as majority companions in my office have windows only. I also have mac book pro having apple mail as my e-mail client. I work in a small company in which e-mail is the life blood of our company. So now what I need to do is move all my emails from apple mail to outlook that is present in windows laptop. I haven't found any answers or discussions regarding this topic on this forum site. Can any one please help me get over with this problem or at least guide me or direct me to the forum where solution for this query is posted.

Your help will be really appreciated. Thank you.
Still stuck with this problem.
I tried transferring through IMAP account bur as Diane has posted, outlook doesn't import from IMAP directly.
I am a busy person and need solution for this situation. I don't have much time to sit around and waste time in transferring the mails by myself.
I thought some software might be available to solve this issue that can do it quickly, but i haven't found one till now.
Is there any other option available?
A quick and easy way to do this is with a GMail IMAP account. Just setup the GMail account on the Mac and in Outlook on Windows. Then in Mail (Mac) drag the messages from your account to the GMail IMAP folders (make as many as you need). Now in Outlook drag the messages from the GMail IMAP account into the Outlook folders you want.

Another way is to go fro third party applications.
The one I know is : Apple Mail to PST Convert – Convert Apple Mail Emails to WIndows Outlook PST

Choose the way you want to opt.
Thank you
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