How to reinstall Safari 2.0?


OS X 10.4.1

I am having a lot of problems with Safari not being able to open pages on my system that it open on other peoples and crashing frequently.

I have tried resetting Safari and deleting the preferences. This only worked for a short time.

Since it is something specific to my system I want to reinstall Safari in case it is corrupted in some way.

QUESTION: Does running the Safari installer package on the Tiger install DVD only install the Safari application or does it also install the system level HTML rendering framworks? (My guess is no)

QUESTION: If the HTML rendering frameworks do not install with the Safari installer, how do I reinstall them?

QUESTION: Will running the 10.4.1 updater package upate the files that I have reinstalled if I have not reverted completely to 10.4.0?

I'll be really grateful for answers to these questions.

It should install all the rendering engine for the system.

Have you tried to create another user on your mac, to test if with that user you get the same Safari errors? It could be you have them on one user only, in which case not all the system is affected, so reinstalling Safari in that case would be a bit overkill...
Do also have any Safari add-ons installed? The older versions of Safari third party extensions had a horrid effect on the newly installed Tiger Safari.
No, nothing at all, and as I said in my last post, when I run Safari as the front end of the lastest build of WebKit I don't get the crashes I experienced before. I think that I must have a corrupted file somewhere in the WebKit framework that was installed when I installed Tiger.

Now I need to find out how to reinstall those frameworks without reinstalling the whole OS. They don't seem to be in the Safari.pkg file on the install DVD...