How to Remote Desktop Connection from Window XP to MAC computer


I am new to MAC OS. I am using MAC OS version 10.5.6.

Apart from ssh login and VNC ( I could do both) from Window computer to MAC computer, I want to have remote Desktop connection from Window XP to MAC PC ?

When I trying to to start->Programs-Accessories->Remote Deskop Connection on Window XP and enter the MAC PC IP address, I am getting error message as :

"This computer can't connect to the remoe computer. Try connection again......"

How to do this ? Please tell me the configuration steps I need to do. I have multiple users with Window PC to use one single MAC PC, and under the condition that each can work independently.


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Only Windows supports Remote Desktop Connection. You cannot RDC to any computer other than a Windows computer.

You will need to use VNC if you wish to connect to your Mac from your Windows computer and view the Mac's GUI, like RDC on Windows.

The short answer is that you can never RDC from a Windows computer to a Mac, period. It just won't work, no matter how hard you try.


Besides VNC, there seems to be a version from Apple too (ARD), although I've never used it.


U.S.D.A. Prime
Apple Remote Desktop is, essentially, VNC. It uses the VNC protocol for screen sharing/controlling along with some proprietary Apple stuff tacked on top. It can be used to view/control VNC clients as well as Apple Remote Desktop clients.