How to remove extra partition under 10.8.4


I have a mbp with a 2.8 GHz Intel Core I7 with 500Gb hd. I created a second partition to keep some some data encrypted. I no longer need to keep any data encrypted so I have deleted all of the data that was found in that partition. I have taken several backups since I removed said data. I then went into the disk utility to try to remove the second partition. I have tried it several times and I am unable to do it. I did a google search and they suggest using Boot Camp assistant and that also failed. Has anyone been able to remove a partition under 10.8.4?


You can remove an unneeded partition using your Disk Utility:

Don't forget - you need to select the drive, and not just a volume, to get the Partition tab.
Deleting the partition does NOT restore the space used by that partition. Drag the bottom edge of the retained partition to recover that space. There's good info about doing that in the rest of that article.

But, then it also is likely that your former encrypted partition is HIGHER in the list than the one you want to keep, and you just can't remove the partition, and Disk Utility doesn't help you at all.
In that case, there may be other disk software that MIGHT do what you want, but the quickest answer will be to backup your partition, Erase the hard drive, and restore your drive back to your internal.

Alternatively - ask yourself if you really need that space to be integrated back into your main partition. You've already been using it for storage, and you could continue doing that. Just don't expect it to be a replacement for an authentic backup drive.