How to Restore OS X Icon to Dock?


Greetings All,
A truly silly question, but the solution has eluded me, being new to the eMac. I accidentally removed the OS X Icon from the Dock, now I can't seem to find it again to restore it to the Dock? Can anyone tell me how this undoubtably simple operation is done? And where is the OS X icon, anyway? (Believe me, I've searched.) Thanks.
Are you talking about the gray internet link? If so, that is so easy to make you will be amazed. A Mac user can make one by just surfing to an internet site you want to link to, then take a mouse and drag the little symbol (that precedes the "h" in ""http") to the Dock (on the side of the Trash Can). Now you have just made a custom link.

Here is a cool unsolicited internet (Safari tested only) trick. On the forward and back buttons in Safari, just hold down the Option key when you click on the forward or back button. You now will see the internet address instead of the DNS name of internet sites.
Thank you! I used the page with your answer on it to create that link and recreate the icon. Wish that new "Mac OS X Tiger for Dummies" book mentioned that, but I found the book poorly written. I couldn't figure out how to burn a backup disc using it; I'll have to wait for "The Missing Manual" to figure out how to do that. Anyway, thanks again, greatly appreciated. Sparrowhawk