How To Stop Ip Access To Specific Folders


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I recently upgraded to an ADSL line when I got my G5 iMac, so I can have ftp access from wherever I am. I'd like to give some of my friends access to my Mac for file sharing purposes, but obviously I don't want them to be able to access the entire HD, just certain folders for music, video etc. How do I block access to certain fodlers but not others? Main thing is protecting system files etc. in case of accidental deletion.

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Just make the files/directories read only. Then look at chrooting ftp to a specific directory. Look at ftpd(8).


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As for system files, your friends won't be able to delete anything (or at least the majority of and the important) system files since they're owned by root, not you.

Check the FAQ section of this forum, there's a thread on configuring anonymous FTP...