How to switch user for Offline MACs to use AD log accounts ?

Adrian Yong

Hi, I have recently gotten a MacBook Pro (10.8.2 or 10.8.5) with retina for one of my designer for use with Adobe CC.

I was able to bind the MBP to our Windows 2012 Active Directory and it all seems normal as the user was able to use her current Windows AD account to login to the MBP :
i. Power on the MBP
ii. switch user (default=administrator) to blank box
iii. Enter Domain\Username and Domain password

However, when the user goes out of the office environment, she us unable to see the "switch user" button beside the administrator login. I have granted the user administrator rights to the MBP as she will need to install and update Adobe CC applications that require administrator rights.

Please kindly advise.
The Adobe licenses are probably looking for IPs/MAC Addresses (not Mac machines) and when you user goes out of your "subnet" the licenses go away. So Tech your Mac users and your Server to use a VPN setup. Just make sure you have a compatible VPN server inside the 2012 server and the Mac machines. Then the users of Mac machines could user a Work profiles (in System Preferences->User & Groups plus System Preferences->Network pane, Locations (for setting for the work VPN)). This way to the Adobe licenses see the user as if they are in the local subnet.
Make a NON-Admin on the Mac for her and as an Administrator on the Mac and install the VPN client software and add the to the log item on her standard account. This way when she logs in (to the local account) when away from work the VPN software should start up and if you put in the extra step to auto log her into her Domain Account, once she is connected via the VPN.

you can see an example of a VPN setup with built in OS X then watch this example VPN client setup in OS X.
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