[How To] to use Automator's services and folder action workflows

I have an update

One is this still works in Mountain lion.

Two is I discovered when your in 10.8.x then use Automator to open the workflow (that was in my first post) and the you can use the toggle bar (in the right hand window) and choose between two Reminder entries. In mine the second Reminder entry was for the new 10.8 Reminders application. So save the change you made and now the workflow saves to the new 10.8 Reminders application. :D
I also found out if you have done this in the past you have to delete the original workflow for this, log out and then log back in and re-create the Reminders workflow like you did before according to the first post videos. I had to do this in 10.9 (coming from 10.7 to 10.8) and it is now working great again.