How to uninstall Quicktime 10.1


I installed QT 7 pro on my super Macbook Pro Retina (with Mountain Lion). QT 10.1 (which is already on my Macs for a long time) is still there, but I cannot remove it (I got this message that it cannot be removed. I understand that it is an integral part of the whole operating system, but why should I need two QT's on my Mac??)

The main reason is that I hope I get a better quality (and functionality) when I export iMovie projects to QT (or mpeg4) formats. May be the encoding software of QT 10.1 and QT 7 pro is al the same. But what bugs me is that when I open a QT movie (I made) with double clicking the file on my HD (movies) it is played with my old QT and not with the new one I paid 30 dollars for. I will appreciate any help very much.
BTW I did search with Google for answers and red also quite a bit on this subject on but I found nothing which is helpful in my situation
QT 7, and QTX can coexist, and in fact can be used at the same time.
If you prefer to open a QuickTime video in QT 7, then use one of the tricks to do that.
Here's a couple that make the task easy:
Drag QT 7 player into your dock. Drag the movie file to that icon in the dock, rather than double-clicking.
Or, right-click on the quicktime file, and choose the QuickTime 7 player from Open-with that right-click menu.

Another tip is to change the app that opens those files by default (when double-clicking, for example)
Here's one way to do that: Get Info on any QuickTime file, which will normally have a .mov extension on the file name. In the Get Info window, click the drop-down in the Open With section of that info window. Select QuickTime Player 7 from the list, then click Change All...
That action will change all your .mov files to open with QuickTime Player 7, and give you back the double-click on those files.

I can't tell you if you will get better quality from the older QuickTime 7 software, as I don't think it's optimized as well for newer video formats, and won't play some vids, such as AVCHD. I don't think it's optimized for your retina display, but I could be wrong on that. You would use the QuickTime X player for some newer format files, if you have any.
I suggest that you DON'T force-remove the QuickTime X software, as that will not help you in any way, and you may end up disabling other parts of your system that need that software in place.
Hope this helps you...
Dear DeltaMac,

Thanks a lot for your quick and clear reply. I understand now how to select QT 7 Pro.

Your remark about: ...the older QT 7 software as I don't think it's optimized as well for newer video formats is confusing for me. QT 10.1 is already for a long time on my Mac and QT 7 Pro I bought recently. You are telling me that the old stuff I have is in some respect (newer video formats) better then the recently bought 7 Pro???

Too bad then that a Pro version is not available for QT X (versions).

thanks a lot!
"Recently bought" does not make the software newer, except for you...
QuickTime, in various versions, has been available for more than 20 years.
Quicktime Pro was first available in Quicktime version 3, and was first released in 1998
Quicktime 7 was first released in 2005
QuickTime X was first released with OS X 10.6, in August of 2009
So, Quicktime 7 is much older that QuickTime X.
7 does not support some of the newer video formats that X handles easily.

Quicktime 7 continues to be available, although it is a custom install on newer OS X systems. Quicktime Pro is not a special version, but is simply a license that enables features that provide video recording, for example.
Users used to get QuickTime Pro to enable viewing movies in full screen, but that's no longer needed - full screen is available even in the simple Quicktime Player.
QuickTime X provides video recording for free (without purchasing a license). You can export video from QuickTime X, but the video formats for export are limited to only 4. There's also no cut and paste, as you can do with the QuickTime Pro.
And, almost all the functions provided by QuickTime Pro are available for free by using other video apps.

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