How to unintall 10.3.9 server and security updates?


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Does anyone here know how to uninstall 10.3.9 update and server updates 002, 005 and 006? They are causing our server to not be able to keep connections authenticated and kicks any user off after 10 minutes.

We want to go back to 10.3.5, I believe, as we had no issues with this server system build.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Archive & Install / Fresh Install and then apply all updates up to 10.3.5.

There is no way to "roll back" to a previous version -- once you've updated to 10.3.9 (or any other update), you're stuck there.
Thank you, diablo. The IT guy and I realized that would probably be the case last night as the midnight oil started burning… :) These updates are driving me up the wall.
Hmmm... I read some reports about client disconnection problems, but people were rolling back to 10.3.6 instead of 10.3.5. Don't know if this'll help, but...

Also, what kind of router are you using, and what protocol are the clients using to connect to the server? There is a severe incompatibility with AppleTalk and routers that use "spanning tree" protocol. If you've got a router/switch that you can administer, check and see if you find something like that.

I run 10.3.9 Server at a client's office, and don't have disconnection problems with either Windows or Macintosh clients (both OS 9 and OS X), so it may be something that's fixable through a hardware tweak...